Retail Online Banking Upgrade

Why did Retail Online Banking Change?


Rest assured that your account is safe with American National Bank.  We simply updated the design of our Online Banking Platform to better meet all of your banking needs and enhance your online experience!  Some of those highlights are:

o   Design enhancements to match our new corporate website that feature a modern look and intuitive navigation

o   Additional options when setting up recurring transfers

o   You can now customize the order of your accounts view and assign account nicknames

o   Improved transaction search features that allow you to filter transactions by status




In an effort to make this transition seamless, we have created a new site map to show you how the site will look and flow differently. Please continue reading to familiarize yourself with the changes coming to our new Online Banking website.



1.    Login Process


Currently, you enter your access id on the log in page, and are then redirected to a password page.





With the enhanced online banking, you can now enter both your User Name and Password on one page, making it even easier to access the information that is important to you.


Important note: The first time you log in to our new web site, you will be required to accept our terms and conditions.




2.    Home Page


All of your important account information is now easily accessible from the home screen!  View your balances, edit alerts, add a nickname, change the order in which accounts are displayed, initiate a transfer, view recent transactions, or even make payments all from the home page! 

·        Review, add, or edit alerts - “Alerts” are available for viewing in the upper-right corner of the home screen as well as a link to your “Profile” page (this replaces the “Options” page on the old website). 

·        Pay bills - Bills can easily be paid right from the home page by selecting the “Pay Bills” link!

o   Once you clicked the “Pay Bills” link and agree to terms, the Pay Bills widget will be permanently displayed on the right side of your home page.

·        Add a Nickname or change the order in which accounts are displayed - You can now customize the order in which your accounts appear, and you can even provide them with a nickname (For example, “Rainy Day Account”).

o   To customize your accounts, click “Edit Accounts”.

·        Make a Transfer – Click the ‘Transfer’ tab at the top of the Home page.


3.    Profile Page

From the Home Page, you are able to click on the “Profile” tab at the top of the screen to:

·        Edit your Password

·        Edit your Challenge questions

·        Edit your eMail address

·        Accept electronic eStatements

·        Manage your devices for Mobile Banking


4.    Accounts Page

Once you’ve clicked on a specific account, from your “Accounts” page, you can:

·        View the details of your account

·        Initiate a transfer

·        View your eStatements – Click on the “Documents” link

·        Download your eStatements – Click on the “Download” link.

Your transactions will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

You can search transactions by date and amount, and you can also filter your transactions by status (Scheduled, Pending, and Posted).

If you wish to view one of your other accounts, simply select it from the drop down at the top of the “Accounts” page.


5.    Transfers

Transfers are easier than ever with the enhancements we have provided! You can initiate a transfer several different ways.

1.    From the “Home” screen:

a.    Click the “Transfer” tab at the top of the “Home” page. This will take you to a screen where can select your “From” and “To” accounts, amount, date, and description.

b.    Or, click the transfer icon to right of each individual account.

Whichever account you select the icon above will default in as the “From” account.

2.    You can initiate a transfer from the “Accounts” page by clicking on the “Transfer” tab.


All transfers will default as one-time transfers.

Recurring Transfers:

If you wish to schedule recurring transfers, simply click the “Repeat” option next to the date field. This will provide several scheduling options such as:

·        Frequency

·        Days to transfer

·        How many times to transfer

·        When to stop transfers

All scheduled transfers will appear at the bottom of the “Transfer” page.